Zapata’s Mexican Restaurant

When I went to this family- friendly  restaurant, my nose filled with the smell of cooked onions and sizzling steak. I had been here before, so I recognized everything. I was sent to my table with a friendly hostess and I was given warm chips and salsa. I ordered my soda and looked at my menu. There were few choices (kids menus), but I chose something not on the menu. I ordered and waited a short while for my food to come. There it was. A large bowl of Mexican rice. I loved rice with vegetables like onions and green pepper. My parents chose fajitas for two and I took chicken and steak off of their plate and put it on my rice. The sizzling juices mixed with my rice for a more flavorful taste. Once I finished, I ate warm chips with guacamole  and queso for the first time. I would have never thought something could taste this fresh. The guacamole was like eating a vegetable garden! The queso was warm and had bits of pepper in it. We also got take-out for my brother. He got a beef taco. On Sundays, kids eat free. It was a great meal that everyone can enjoy. I would give this a 5 out of 5 stars for the review. I think this is the best way to spend a night out eating.

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